The only oil I use

Being a long-distance traveler and a strong believer of preventive maintenance, I am very picky on what I use on my bike.

On my last oil change (and on a lot of previous ones too), I used the Top 1 Evolution Fully Synthetic in order to prepare my engine for the long grind of going to Quezon and then to Baguio. I trust this brand because it has never failed me and has always taken care of my engine ever since. My bike’s engine seem to run a lot cooler and it also lubricates my gears effectively.

Apart from being daily driven, I also use my 2014 Kawasaki ER-6N on my weekend rides so that only means that the mileage racks up pretty quicker than normal. After 3,500 kilometers worth of riding both urban and rural road conditions, I finally had the right frame of mind to change the oil. I say that because I used to change up to a maximum of 2000 kilometers only on my 650cc. Being a rider of so many years, I didn’t change oil early this time because I never felt a single drop in performance, and upon looking at the oil level window on my bike, I could still see that the oil doesn’t actually need any changing yet – after more than 3500 kilometers. I could have gone further with the mileage but I just chose to change oil anyway. Moreover, I was particularly impressed on how both my bike and oil seem to complement each other. This is supported by the fact that me and my friends from ER-6N Philippines travelled all the way from Manila to Baguio in just a little over 3 hours (240+ kilometers!) so just imagine the amount of heat our big engines had to generate during that high speed ride. No problem at all.

After changing it at 3,500 kilometers, my bike’s fuel efficiency rose by 14% as I was previously getting a combined city and highway driving result of 21 km/l, now I am getting 24 km/l. That is pretty significant and accurate as that figure was done at over 3,500 kilometers mileage so it was quite comforting to know that I actually saved a lot on fuel.

There is no doubt that I am very picky with everything in my motorcycling life. Whether on equipment, apparel, helmet, and even on the engine oil I use on my bike so when I say that Top 1 is very good, consider that to be an understatement.


My favorite mechanic about to do an oil change on my 2014 Kawasaki ER-6N

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