Beautiful Southern Cebu

Southern Cebu is simply beautiful.

I passed by this side of the island on my way to doing my Negros tour wherein I toured both Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental.

Although Cebu City is still the most popular destination for Cebu tourists, one should not miss out the beautiful southern section of Cebu Province. Indeed, this is a testament to the sheer beauty of our country – even those places that do not receive as much fanfare as the more popular ones have a great potential of becoming an attraction, in case they aren’t yet. From Sibonga all the way to Santander, let me share with you some of the beautiful and interesting sights I saw.

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Epic Ride: The Miraculous Shrine of Simala in Sibonga, Cebu

Epic Ride: The MiraculousShrine of Simala in Sibonga, Cebu
By The Pinoy Rider

While being based in Cebu, I experienced two of the most devastating natural calamities in recent memory to happen in The Philippines – Typhoon Yolanda and the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked Central Visayas. Although our countrymen from Eastern and Central Visayas were affected badly, I am alive and survived both of them in one piece. I and my family are fine, and that is definitely something to be thankful for.
I have not lived in Cebu long enough to be able to experience and see the beautiful hidden treasures outside the city so I was very eager to explore once I had the opportunity. Although I have not been there long, I wanted to give thanks. I have been hearing about this enigmatic monastery that looks like a Medieval Castle somewhere in the southern part of the province.


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