Help for Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan)


For those in Central Visayas, please help out in repacking goods to be delivered to the people from Bogo / Bantayan this weekend. These people lost their homes and families, and the least that we could do is to give them a little something. You may bring drinking water (1L / 1.5L Bottles), ready to eat food (none that would require any cooking like rice, noodles, etc), old clothes, etc. If you don’t have much, then you can give them your time. Feel free to give me a call at 0917-7213745 if you want to help. I will be at PITLANE RESTOBAR in A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City this November 15th, Friday at 3 pm to help out. The ride to Bogo will be on the next day, as I (we) will be bringing the goods personally to them. #ReliefPH #YolandaPH

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