Epic Ride to Lucban – Tayabas

Epic Ride to Lucban – Tayabas
By The Pinoy Rider


It was a cold uneventful day and I wanted to eat something fresh seafood for a change. I’ve been to Real previously where I immensely enjoyed their fresh catch but I didn’t want to go to the beach again so I researched and ended up choosing this popular yet quiet restaurant in Tayabas – Lucban road in Quezon.

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Time to reflect in Lucban, Quezon – Kamay ni Hesus Shrine

Time to reflect. Time to give thanks and make a little sacrifice by climbing the difficult to reach Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.

– Took the trip inspite of of Bagyong Gorio (hey where’s the adventure if it’s too easy?)

– Reaching the top of the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine entails walking uphill and taking at least 300 steps (a big sacrifice!)

– Had dinner at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas.

– More or less 250 kms back and forth via the National Highway

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