Welcoming 2012 – Solo ride to the Heart of the Philippines

Welcoming 2012 – Solo ride to the Heart of the Philippines

Wasn’t quite sure which would be a nice place to welcome the new year…I decided to set my sights on going to what they call the province that is in the heart of the Philippines – Marinduque.

Thanks to the inspiring story of crimson722, I knew this would be a nice place to explore for the 1st time, on a scooter.

Not sure how many days I would need to explore the island since I wanted to do a loop so I filed a long leave anyway.

Day 1, left home around 7 am… passed by the Old National Highway from the West Service Road … Muntinlupa – San Pedro – Calamba – Sto. Tomas then arrived at Lucena roughly 3 hours later. Got lost a little bit while in the Lucena town proper, but after doing some rounds, finally found my way to the Dalahican Port. Checked in my bike at the PPA, then the Coast Guard, then bought a ticket from Montenegro to have me and my bike board the barge. Spent 900+ for this one way trip. Pretty expensive if you ask me since I was only expecting it to be around 600+ for the fare.

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