Amadeo, Cavite – The Coffee Capital of the Philippines

As I’ve always been saying, safety is my top priority when riding. No matter how experienced of a rider you are, when an accident comes, you better be prepared. Thanks to Motoworld Philippines, I used one of their high end helmets for this trip – the LS2 FF393 convert. I’ve always had this thing for modular helmets since they are very convenient for the long distance traveler like me – I can easily lift up the visor if needed, or do with a full face helmet while moving. The thing I liked the most about FF393 is that it won’t be an added distraction to me in case I want to lift the visor up as it goes all the way to the back of the helmet, as compared to the others wherein it will only go up as far as the top most part of the helmet. Because of that, there is no risk of the lifted visor going down all of a sudden during the ride. I also wore a leather jacket to make sure I am covered completely. We all know the usual stuff we have to bring on a long ride – extra money, spark plug, tools, cellphone with load, etc. so I made sure not to skip those.
I took off a little after 8 am since the destination isn’t exactly near. The bike that I used would be one of Kymco Philippines’s latest offerings – the Kymco KTR 125. It is an underbone so this got me excited as I haven’t ridden a small bike in years! The last underbone I had was a Honda Wave 100 and I had that bike more than 6 years ago already.

It is also interesting to note that this would be my first time to ride an underbone that is seemingly built for both on and off road – a dual sport motorcycle. It will take some adjusting to use the knobby tires but knowing Kymco’s track record in providing quality motorcycles over the years (and my previous scooter was a Kymco Super 8), it was time to put some miles into this brand new motorcycle. I would also be reviewing the Kymco KTR 125 for Inside Racing and it will come out in one of the future issues very soon. Anyway, I’m sure it would be a fun experience being on a long ride on a small bike because for me it was never the type of being. I’m always for the experience of riding.


Amadeo – The Coffee Capital of the Philippines

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