The long hard road to Aurora

The long hard road to Aurora
By The Pinoy Rider


If there is one thing I long for, but at the same time try to avoid in doing my epic rides, it would be to put myself in difficult situations. You might be actually saying how weird that statement is, but the fact of the matter is sometimes we all tend to do boring, routing stuff so a little adventure once in a while might actually be good. But oh boy, what adventure I got in this Epic Ride.
For those who have been following my journey, you should know that I’ve been to all 30 provinces in the island of Luzon, save for one – Aurora. From Matnog, Sorsogon all the way to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Countless trips going up north, doing the Northern Luzon Loop several times – there is always one destination missing and the only one I haven’t crossed out in my Luzon island bucket list – and that is the province of Aurora. I always seem to sort of skip one particular province for one reason or another. But now that I have a chance, I made sure I would conquer Aurora.
One boring Sunday afternoon, and that’s what I thought. I didn’t know that a routine ride would be a trip of a lifetime for me.

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