Sorsogon trip preparation – luggage.

I will be riding a sportbike for my “End of Luzon” trip so that poses a big problem – where to put my stuff for so many days. Initially I was thinking of bringing my Oxford Side Panniers but i figured it might be such a hassle dismounting it whenever I needed to make a stop since anyone can basically steal it by cutting it’s straps. The obvious answer – a topbox … But the dilemma was…a topbox on a sportbike? how bad would that look in pictures? I’ve seen so many sportbikers post pictures in the internet with their topboxes and it’s bracket being mounted so high, it looks like a hanger. I wouldn’t wanna be caught dead bringing one of those.

Here’s a sample picture of what I’m trying to avoid.


Fortunately, I stumbled upon youtube and found this vid – Mounting Givi top box luggage on passenger seat

The first thing I need to get is another pillion seat for this arduous task.

The hard plastic needs to be rock solid for it to be able to hold all the screws needed to mount the top case.

Currently on the lookout for a stock pillion seat for the CBR.

Live Free…

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