Old Churches: The 496 year-old Pamplona Church and Church Bell

The Pamplona church, built in the 1617, is the oldest in Cagayan.


Some parts of its original walls and facade were still there after it was rededicated. The church has a nice crimson facade, darker than the other churches in Cagayan and has the unique arch design at the entrance.


The construction of this church begain in 1614 under the direction of Fray Miguel Martin de San Jacinto, O.P., founder of the Pata and Masi Missions. It was completed in 1617. It stands on a solid rock foundation of less than two kilometer radius. After a century of existence it was damaged by an earthquake in 1721. Subsequently repaired by Fray Jose Cano O.P.


In 1842 Fr. Pedro Montenegro converted Masi and Abulucan into a twin town with Masi as the center. In 1901, the election of the 1st civil government officials was held in this church. It withstood the ravages of trying times keeping its original walls and facade, only to succumb to ruin in the 1970’s. Fr. Larry La Plante, S.V.D. constructed then a chapel for liturgical services. This now serves as the pastoral center.


In 1982, a parish core group was organized for its restoration. Funds and community support were solicited. In July 6, 1990 the cornerstone was laid. It was rededicated on April 29, 1993 by His Excellency Archbishop Diosdado Talamayan, D.D. When the parish celebrated its pastoral feast in honor of St. Peter the Martyr and Saint John Nepomuceno.

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