The Extreme Northern Loop (Part 4 of 4)

About to enter Aritao, one of my dream roads. Stories from my rider friends have only made me more eager to go up. Seemingly endless twisties, coupled with the fact that you’re going up to 5000 ft., really made me all the more excited.

One last stopover in Petron Aritao. Was supposed to be here a few months ago, but unfortunately my scooter broke down so I ended up with a DNF.


Sharing some pictures from my Aritao-Baguio road experience


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The Extreme Northern Loop (Part 3 of 4)

On my previous Northern Loop, my only goal was to complete it, which I did in four days. Right now, I’m already on my 4th day and yet I’m not even half-way through. I’ve learned that to really enjoy this, one has to spend time, real time. My previous goal was just to complete the North Loop, now it is to explore and journey.

I’ve always wanted to visit Apayao ever since I started riding. The proximity proved to be a challenge. It’s on top of the Luzon Map and yet It’s not within the main roads (McArthur/Manila North), and one has to take a long turn in Cagayan incase you wanna visit it. Typically, if one is doing the Northern Loop, Apayao isn’t part of the itinerary, basically because it’s out of the way.

Not for me this time.


The Province of Apayao

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The Extreme Northern Loop – August 11, 2012

I’ve been missing out on all the riding action lately. Busy with a lot of stuff…and busy planning my next ride.

So here it is The Extended Northern Luzon Loop: Manila – Bulacan – Pampanga – Tarlac – Pangasinan – La Union – Ilocos Sur – Abra – Ilocos Norte – Apayao – Cagayan – Isabela – Quirino – Nueva Vizcaya – Benguet (via Aritao) – Nueva Vizcaya – Nueva Ecija – Bulacan – Manila.

My very own 15 province tour. I plan on visiting mostly museums in this trip, and capture pictures of memorabilia hundreds of years old.

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