BRM BRM TV (Byahe. Rider. Motorsiklo TV) on PTV-4

Today I covered the press launch of PTV 4’s newest TV show BRM – Byahe. Rider. Motorsiklo.

BRM not only stands for Byahe. Rider. Motorsiklo. but BRM BRM as in Broom Broom!

One Live Event is proud to announce the launching for the 1st Motorcycle TV Show on Primetive TV, “BRM… BRM TV, Biyahe. Rider. Motorsiklo.

The main objective of Brm…Brm TV is to highlight the importance of Motorcycles in the lives of Filipinos as well as its contribution to the Philippine economy as a whole.

Brm Brm TV will also highlight the importance of road safety for motorcycles, as well as attaining its goal of being acknowledged and being treated the right way.

A Motorcycle Magazine Program that is informative, entertaining, and inspirational.
Stories you have never heard before, new information, and innovations in the motorcycling world.
13 Episodes. 30 minutes of Airtime. 4 Segments.

Byahe ng Buhay features a unique story of a Filipino rider and how his motorcycle has been a part of his life. This feature segment gives us a simple tale that changed the life of an everyday motorcyclist. From a tricycle driver in Bacolod to a security guard turned motorcycle operator in Quezon City to a husband and wife tandem that made their motorcycle as their livelihood and became successful in the Philippines.

Let’s also discover the newest product features in My Brm Brm as this segment delivers information on the hottest gadgets, the newest gears, and other equipment riders would need.

Take a break to stop, look, and listen in Ingatz: Motor Safety 101 to learn tips and the importance of road knowledge and safety to be delivered by people from different branches of the government. This is a public service dedicated to the riders and for their lives (that’s what they said, literally I guess).

Be informed of motorcycling events here in the Philippines in Beep, Beep News.

The show is hosted by Bono Villanueva and Kristinedera Parrilla and the first airing date of BRM BRM TV is on April 28, 2013 (Sunday), 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm on PTV-4.

Live Free…

– Erik Gatmaitan is the author of – Journeying the Philippines SOLO on a motorbike.

Follow his adventures on his website or through his Facebook page at

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