Real, Quezon – Seafoods and the sea!

I will be taking you guys to the coastal town of Brgy. Tignaoan, Real, Quezon. Instead of just riding around on a weekend, I decided to go on a food trip ride. I was already getting tired of eating the usual fastfood meals that I have everyday and I wanted to give my body a break as well so I decided to try something else on a weekend. Previously, If I wanted to just go out on a relaxing ride to a not so far away place from the Metro, my 2-wheeled companion would either take me to Tagaytay or to Marilaque in Rizal. That’s alright with me as I definitely enjoy riding whether it’s near or far however, I would almost always end up eating bulalo at Mang Vic’s in Antipolo or in Mahogany Market in Tagaytay. Although not fastfood, it is still not at all healthy for me, as bulalo would be your best source of cholesterol and fat, with all the sebo you want included hehe.

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