Motorsiklo Xklusibo – Atin ito.

Most of the time, whenever we hear stories or news about motorcycles in our local media, it would almost be a certainty that the topic would be negative – criminals in motorcycles (more popularly known, and incorrectly tagged as “riding in tandem”), motorcycle accidents, rider violations, and the like.

Motorsiklo Xklusibo or MX will surely be a breath of fresh air.

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Where to eat in Laoag: Johnny Moon Cafe


I recently did my Extreme Northern Luzon Loop and as always, part of my trip would be a gastronomic tour. I stayed in Laoag City (and toured the nearby towns) for 3 days and experienced a lot of food. While doing my day tour photowalk, I came upon this nice, steady spot located right smack at the middle of the city. It was actually one of the recommendations when I was looking for one as I checked out FourSquare. And so, one of the places that gave me an unforgettable experience would be Johnny Moon Cafe.

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Photomap: The Extreme Northern Luzon Loop in a nutshell

This image sums up my entire trip…well, not quite. 😉

Just so you’ll have an idea.

This one took 1900 kms to complete, and I had the time of my life.

The Philippines is truly a beautiful country.

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