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Live free…

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  1. Hello, I was just taking a look at your website and filled out your contact form. The “contact us” page on your site sends you messages like this to your email account which is why you are reading my message at this moment right? That’s half the battle with any type of advertising, making people actually READ your message and this is exactly what you’re doing now! If you have something you would like to blast out to thousands of websites via their contact forms in the U.S. or anywhere in the world let me know, I can even focus on particular niches and my prices are very low. Write a reply here:

  2. Hello Pinoy Rider,

    I’m planning to vcisit Marinduque in October, and my prefered way of going around is via “backride”. Would you know someone in M’que who owns a motor bike and provides driving service (for a fee of course). Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I am a big fan of your blog, I would like to request if you can provide me a simple itinerary for Manila-Pagudpud ride for 4-5 days. As I am planning for a solo rider with my R150 on the last week of November, feel free to drop an email: dongski20@gmail. com. ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless

  4. Pinoy Rider, tanong ko lang kung galing ako sa Santiago, Ilocos Sur at tatawid ng Cordillera papunta ng Tabuk City saang daanan ang da best? Sementado ba lahat ng daraanan at may mga gasulinahan? Ilang oras (average) ang biyahe? Salamat.

  5. Hello po
    Tanong kung lang po kung may info kayo
    Kaya po ba ng Suzuki Raider R150 Manila-Zambales?
    At kung may alam kayong mga safest route thank you?

  6. Hi Sir, bago lang ako ngmomotor, gusto ko dn matry magbyahe by my mio Sporty.. the prblem is hindi ko alam ung route papuntang tagaytay..
    I hope you can help me by sending the complete/detailed route instruction..

    Thanks and Godbless

  7. Good day sir! I wish to visit Baguio with my wife but I don’t know how to get there riding a Suzuki Skydrive 125 from Bacoor Cavite… I really hope u could help me with directions. More power to you Sir and more safe journeys to come!

  8. Goodmorning .. do u have an email address or a contact no .. my friend from japan are interested to here because he is also a rider in japan .. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks and godbless .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Dear Pinoy Rider,
    Thank you for your informative stories about Real, Quezon. I would also like to try going there. Would you be able to send me the phone number of Imperial Resort where you stayed?
    Thank you very much,

  10. Hi sir pinoyrider may tanong po ako regarding sa zoomer x, sorry po baguhan lang po ako sa pagmomotor at balak ko mag long solo ride

    1. ok lng po b sya i-longride pampanga to ilocos ang zoomer x?

    2. Kelangan po ba pahinga ang motor in a certain amount of time like every 3 hours o pde sya sagaran?

    3. Ano po usually dinadala nyo gamit if sakali masiraan ang motor or mabutas gulong?

    Tnx in advance kuya pinoy rider
    More power to you!

    • 1.) yes
      2.) kaya naman ng motor mo kahit hanggang maubos yung gas niya (150 kms estimated distance), ikaw ang kailangan magpahinga.
      3.) wala – nandiyan ang adventure pag namomroblema ka na! (wag ako tutularan – better bring a tire repair kit)


    • Kristina-Nej det tror jeg absolut ik.. Jeg sad nemlig ved bordet igรƒยฅr aftes, og sagde til manden: Sรƒยฅdan et sted vil jeg ogsรƒยฅ ha!!…. ;)Mysticia-Jeg synes kunsten er at indrette til bรƒยธrnene, sรƒยฅ det ogsรƒยฅ er hyggeligt og rart for de voksne at vรƒยฆre i, og det gรƒยธr man kun hvis man gรƒยธr det helt og ikk halvt…. :)Godt du kunne bruge inspirationen ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi I am a big fan of your blog’s,I have a trip to pundaquit from Manila to Pundaquit ,which is the easiest route for a 200cc bike?

    Thanks ..waiting for a reply

  12. Hi Sir. I’m planning to go for a ride to Baguio next week using my Yamaha Fino. Hingi lang po sana ako ng advice if kaya ba ng Fino ang road going to Baguio (via Marcos Highway and Kennon Road)? I think mas possible pa dumaan sa Marcos Highway rather than taking the route to Kennon Road using a Fino. For Marcos Highway route, san po mas maganda mas stop over for an overnight stay before going straight to Baguio (Tarlac, Pangasinan or La Union) or mas maganda po I’ll just drive straight to Baguio? Tsaka Sir ask ko lang din po ano po mas magandang combination ng bola para sa scooter pag aakyat ka ng ganito? 12 and 9 or 11 and 9? Hoping for your reply. Thank you Sir! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hi,

    We would like to take a tour in Luzon Island. we have about 3 days to ride in the around Luzon.

    Could u please assist us the best route of biking and is there any place near to the airport that we can rent a bike i.e 500cc above..


  14. Hi there mga Idol, kng mgkakataon First time ko pa lang sa long drive, so kelangan ko nang advice for the best Route para sa newbie na kagaya ko from Batangas port papuntang EDSA, magallanes.. thankyou mga idol ako lang kasi magisa ang bbyahe and gusto ko lang matry mag long drive.. thanks.. =) by the way suzuki raider J 115 FI nga pala ung motor na gagamitin ko, nabili ko lang sya netong june.. kayanin kaya nun ung longdrive? and anong best na ipalagay kong gas for long drive? thankyou very much mga IDOL..

    • kayang kaya naman po. from Batangas Port you can try the national highway going to Tagaytay (passing Tuy) then from Tagaytay you can go to Alabang, then take the National Highway (East or West Service road) then Magallanes

  15. Hello therejust got back from caramoan well had to turn back befre 20 kmfrom caramoan due to rough winds and strong rain thanks god we foundsome riders who assisted us to get baick in that super bad weather well my partner insisted as itwas just 20km away i told her well lets live this day to see another day ahead there is always a next time so we as solo driver and rider enjoyed the ride getting back from bicol to manila tried max speed 184kmph when i had full clearance for 2km it was fun could you gus advice us how to kawasaki ninja club

  16. Hi PinoyRider, saw u post in ur blog n it did interest me. I ll b down to Clark, Philippines for an Octoberfest in Oct. I do love ride, smells the road, covered Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand. Thought of getting CB400 for a ride in Philippines wher do u suggest n wat r u tips n cautious ? Thanks

  17. Hello Bro Erik,
    I am a nurse working in the U.S. I have been following your blog and am one of the many that you have inspired. Thank you! Travelling via road trip has always been my passion. For a long time, i had been planning an east coast to west coast road trip in the U.S. and i have all the details and route ready. Then i stumbled upon your blog and it really ignited my dormant passion for motorcycles(i am mostly into cafe racer-style rides) and travelling local. So i dropped my U.S. road trip and decided to pursue a Philippine tour instead. I just realized that a trip here in the U.S. would be too comfortable and almost boring. And besides, i really missed the tropical landscapes and beaches of the philippines. I want my trip to be a real adventure and will try to avoid burning my wallet. For my ride, i was looking at the suzuki thunder 125 and the yamaha ybr-g 125. But then i was told per my wife’s inquiry that both of these bikes has been discontinued already. i searched and contacted most dealers and was told the same thing. So after so much looking, i decided on the Yamaha SZ-16 153 cc. I expect it to be a really tough adventure and i will try to get all the necessary preparations needed. This is something i feel i need to do in this lifetime! And i am so thankful that i came across a “Pinoy” like you who inspires a lot of nationalism in me!

    Bro., i would like to ask your opinion on the kind of bike that i choosed for an adventure like this. I already purchased it. Your opinion will be highly regarded. Thank you so much and Godbless!

  18. Sir plano ko pomag tour sa motor from pampanga to ilocos norte to appari back to pampanga anong route po ba sir sana po matulungan nyo ako.

  19. Hello Sir:

    I just want to inquire on how to become a member of your club? i live in the area of las pinas. how much is the membership fee? what documents are required? where can i go to sign up?
    thank you and more power….
    kind regards

  20. Hi Sir! I’ve read about your solo ride to Vigan. May i just ask the route you’ve taken. We’re planning to go on a ride to Vigan this June-July but can’t find a route that would not actually go through the expressway (NLEX). I hope you can give us some tips.
    Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Erik,

          Yes, just to follow up yung question ni Leslie, how long did it take you to reach Vigan from Valenzuela? My companion and I are heading Vigan on the 15th of August and will return on the 17th. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  21. hi I am from new Zealand and am going over to the Philippines with some friends, we are going to do a ride around the Northern loop I was just wondering if it is worth bringing protective gear to ride around in ie jacket, boots, etc or is it to hot for protective gear.

    • that’s a big yes…although I would not recommend wearing leathers…perhaps your best bet would be a mesh jacket with built in protective armor. Available at Motoworld Philippines. Godspeed and enjoy your vacation here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Great blog! It gives me a lot of ideas as I plan a 2+ week Luzon ride in May. (Anyone want to ride with an American guy?). I sent you a few questions by email; if you get a chance I’d really appreciate your recommendations.

  23. I love what I saw and read from your website I am a newbie motorcyclist not even owning a bike until siguro bukas (lol), planning to get a Honda Zoomer X for starters. I was hoping I can do mga closer rides lang muna from Bulacan to Clark, then Bulacan to further North. I hope you can answer a few questions parang tips na din ba:
    1.) Are you using a GPS gadget or something to guide you through. If yes what is the cheapest most reliable.
    2.) I guess with the GPS pwede nang hindi masagot to. Any idea, what is the best route from Bulacan (Norzagaray) going to Pampanga.
    3.) For a scoot like Honda Zoomer X, should I still get safety vest with spine guard, shin guard, etc. If so where would be the best place to check this things out?
    I salute your endeavor and hopefully we can see more of your journey, then one day see you in the road in one of your weekend / fun rides. Have a Blessed Ride every time you roll and may God be always with you on all your trips whether it is short or long. More Power and may you be able to ride the whole world someday.

    • Thanks for dropping by!

      Medyo malayo na ata yung Bulacan to start. Better practice muna around Bulacan like the road leading to Angat Dam, madalang ang kotse pero relatively safe pa rin naman.

      1.) Most of the time I use a topographic map – mas feeling ko na byahero ako. Minsan google map lang para tipid.
      2.) You can plot via Google maps and it will give you several suggested routes ๐Ÿ™‚
      3.) A Big YES – whether near or far, no matter what your bike is – safety is still the priority. Try checking out Motoworld Philippines at

      I’ll see you on the road soon!

      Live Free

      – The Pinoy Rider

  24. Hello, how long it takes po ba if i ride big bike tanza cavite to bicol legazpi, gamit ko po HONDA CB 1300. possible po ba makahingi map going to Bicol anu po best na daanan. first time lang po kasi

    • at roughly 450 kilometers, more or less nasa 10-12 hours yan (including stop overs na) if average niyo nasa 80-90 kph sa highway.

      From Cavite, labas po kayo papuntang Calamba, then Turbina to San Pablo, Laguna then Tiaong Quezon. Take the diversion road going to the National Highway then yung National Highway na iyon diretso na papuntang Bicol, just follow the bus route. HTH

  25. good day sir! I am also a motorcycle enthusiast like you and I ride solo most of the time as well. may I please ask for some directions on how to get to Jariel’s Peak? my point of origin is Tuguegarao, Cagayan. thanks so much and more power to pinoyrider!

    • which is the farthest you’ve gone south? So I can start from there?

      You may want to check out one of my entries here about Jariel’s Peak…If I’m not mistaken I’ve posted some maps for your reference. Happy riding! =)

  26. Do you think I can finish Sogod – Palo – Allen in 10 hours with 60-80 pacing?
    I will start from Hilongos 6 am,
    and how about the community on this area? Thanks

  27. ..nakarating po ako galing Davao City,Basilan hanggang Aparri within 36 days pagmomtor using 125 cc motorcycle..I was so enjoy my ride even so very tired..when was go back my town home town…paano po maiiwasan ang matinding stress?

    • hey great job on the ride! and please do share your pics on our Facebook page at ๐Ÿ™‚ Regarding stress… make sure to rest and set a limit (either number of hours of number of kilometers per day) para hindi masagad yung energy mo and para malakas ka pa rin sa susunod na araw na biyahe. Also kung ganung katagal na ang biyahe take a day or 2 off from riding para rin maka pag de-stress ka at unwind para ma relax yung katawan mo. Hindi lang physical ang stress, pwede ring mental, kaya makakatulong ito sa ating mga riders kung clear ang isip natin para rin mas makapag concentrate tayo sa daan. =)

  28. Cngrats on your new website Boss, ver nice and informative website. I pray and declare for more and more members.

    God Bless and Continue to be an inspiration..: )

  29. Thanks for sharing your passion, It’s a pleasure viewing your lone travel and made me wish to do the same one day. I am a new motorcyclist, and my first time to own a motorcycle. Did you have a tire puncture along the way? Can you share whom to call in areas along the route you’ve traveled just in case? Can you also share which areas are uncomfortable to traverse. Thank you so much and I look forward for more of your experiences. god bless

  30. I enjoyed browsing through your stories sir. I just started this blogging thing myself and hopefully I can sustain it like what you have been doing. I heard you’re planning LuzViMin this December. Kaabang-abang talaga yan! Ingat sir.

    • Thanks for visiting my site and I’m glad we share the same passion. Yes, my LuzViMinda trip is a go, so hopefully I get to meet riders on the road as well.

      Live free…

      – The Pinoy Rider

  31. Ney Bro, grabe, nag enjoy ako sobra sa website mo, i really enjoyed every pictures sa blog mo, sobrang lakas ng loob.. nakaka inspire, i had an accident last 3 years ago sa motorcycle with my friend, since then, nag ka phobia na ako sa motor, pero sa totoo lang, i miss my self backriding with my friend, kaya nag group ako nang ilang riders dito sa amin sa bulacan, madalas kami pumunta sa Aurora Province, Bataan, Baguio city,,..minsan nga may Typhoon pa,, para kakaiba.. pero this time,, tinaob mo kaming lahat sa abilidad mo na mag travel mag isa at maglibot sa philippines.. dati, plano namin na mag ikot sa Luzon.. kaya nag research ako, at nakita ko ang website mo.. kaya lalo akong na excite,. hopefully, maka alis at makapag joyride ulit kmi ng tropa this year, nag iisip ako kung saan maganda at medyo kakaiba.. Keep it up. Isa na ako sa iyong taga hanga.. Be safe always, at sana one day, mag kita tayo. God Bless You!

    • Ronz,

      Ikinagagalak kong makatulong sa pagpaplano mo ng byahe. Isa sa mga motivation ko ay yung mga katulad mo na sumusuporta at nagiiwan ng magagandang mensahe para sa akin, dahil hindi lahat ay naiintindihan itong ginagawa ko. Yung iba nga kinukuwestiyon pa ako. Napakaganda ng ating bayang Pilipinas at nakakalungkot isipin kung hindi ko ito lilibutin kapag ako ay may libreng oras. Hindi ko naman sinasabing unahin natin ito ikutin bago pumunta at mamasyal sa ibang bansa, ngunit kapag may pagkakataon, maari lamang sana na ito ay ang unahin.

      Sana makabalik ka ulit sa pagmomotor dahil iba talaga ang karanasan na maibibigay nito sa iyo, pati na ang kalayaan.

      Hope to meet you on the road some day.

      Live Free.

      – The Pinoy Rider

      • Idol. salamat sa reply, sana matuloy ang plano namin ng tropa this November, basta ok lahat ang schedule. Pinakita ko nga sa kanila ang website mo, at nakita nila ang Pag ikot mo sa Luzon.. Taas ang kamay nila, sabi ko nga ako nga ibang klase ka.. lalo akong na excite at na convince na mag adventure muli.. sabi ko nga sa tropa, gayahin namin ang “The Extreme Northern Luzon Loop” kung kakayanin.. i want to feel what you are feeling that time.. and my friend react na agad na ibang klaseng joyride ito.. sana magawa namin. Idol, mga magkano ba nagastos mo sa adventure mo sa Luzon, Gasoline, Hotel accomodations and others.. can you give me an idea if kung magkano gagastusin kapag tinuloy namin ito. Salamat.

        • Salamat pare ha. Natuwa naman ako sayo.

          To answer your question… it depends kung gaano ka “kasosyal” or “ka tipid”

          Pinakamurang tulugan mo nasa 300/night for a non aircon room
          yung pinakamahal naman pwedeng umabot ng 5000/night.

          Food naman, from as small as 40/meal up to let’s say, 700/meal.

          Wala pa diyan yung gas and pambili mo ng pasalubong and mga miscellaneous expenses (Parking kung meron man, pambayad ng entrance sa museum, tips, etc)

          Do the math.

          But regardless of the cost, isa lang ang masasabi ko, maganda talaga dito sa bansa natin so kahit ano pang magastos mo, natitiyak ko, magiging sulit ito.

  32. hi bro eric, very nice website and very attractives pictures which it can really attract other enthusiast riders to visit all those places you’ve been through. CONGRATS to all your ride and endevours. Your website is really a big help for those riders who wants to explore the beautiful places of our Philippine natures.

    Till our next meet-up and hopefully we can meet again in the road. Safe Ride always and I know, HE is always there to guide and protect you. God bless!!!

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