The Extreme Northern Loop – August 11, 2012

I’ve been missing out on all the riding action lately. Busy with a lot of stuff…and busy planning my next ride.

So here it is The Extended Northern Luzon Loop: Manila – Bulacan – Pampanga – Tarlac – Pangasinan – La Union – Ilocos Sur – Abra – Ilocos Norte – Apayao – Cagayan – Isabela – Quirino – Nueva Vizcaya – Benguet (via Aritao) – Nueva Vizcaya – Nueva Ecija – Bulacan – Manila.

My very own 15 province tour. I plan on visiting mostly museums in this trip, and capture pictures of memorabilia hundreds of years old.

Hoping for good weather this time.


Currently preparing where to put all the stuff I’m going to use for almost a week’s worth riding. Initial estimate of the trip was at 1500 kms. This will be a solo ride.

Come join me on my next trip. So Excited to visit the Abra Museum and meet NPA’s in Quirino. LOL. Seriously though, hopefully I get to meet some good people along the way.

Live Free…

– Erik Gatmaitan is the author of – Journeying the Philippines SOLO on a motorbike.

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8 thoughts on “The Extreme Northern Loop – August 11, 2012

      • You have to be kidding me Jerry, Syracuse fourth. They had one bad game, outside of that they have been blguneonidg their opponents all year. Come on Jerry start watching some basketball. I know you hate boeheim, but be objective.

      • Congratulations Alexandra!Hey Maisey – I’m sooper dooper loving the new banner for the website. I quite liked the previous one but your wedding photo is extra specially special and uber romantic! *sigh*

      • Bonnie,You are the reason I’ve been brave enough to “out” myself to my husband of 27 years. Wow, not only am I not alone – I’m not even ashamed or think that I’m “abnormal”. Bless you for that. SSSSSSSSSSSSSooooooooo much cheaper than therapy and I’ve got something to show for it. (but not in public…wink) You are my link to the rest of the spanking world. Keep up the good work.dieseldiva

  1. hello tph, enjoy the scenery and please share lots of pictures and cheap accomodations along the way! thanks and goodluck!

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