Jariel’s Peak – Infanta, Quezon

A hidden nice, steady spot in the East, it’s not easy to find Jariel’s Peak. But for those willing to travel 2 hours uphill, and go through twisties and rough roads…with the intention of enjoying the cool mountain breeze that Infanta will give you, as well as eating exotic food after a long drive, then this one’s for you.


The Place:

Accessed through the newly-developed Marifanta Highway bordering the provinces of Rizal and Quezon, it’s almost always 15-20 degrees colder here than in the lowlands.



Be one with nature…


Their resident Eagle, which is posted on a branch overlooking the mountains.


The Chicken


Friendly Dog


Pet wild pig


Now you know what we had for lunch.


The restaurant, pictured is Team LS2




The Food:


Jariel’s Peak offers exotic food. From Adobong Bayawak to Sizzling Baboy Ramo.

Quality is the name of the game for a hide-out as far as this, as they only cook the meals upon order. No re-heating, no freezing. With that in mind, you might have to wait a little longer than usual, but it’s gonna be worth it anyway. The place is relaxing so you could rest and unwind first before eating.

From this: Photobucket

To this: Photobucket

Sizzling Mountain Snails


Sisig Baboy Ramo


The Verdict? Just look up.

How to get there.


From Sierra Madre Resort/Pranjetto, just follow the route going to Marifanta. Roughly 37 kms from there. Be prepared for some rough roads and ZigZags.

Km. 94 Sitio Baguio, Barangay Magsaysay, Infanta, Quezon


My first time in Infanta.

Live Free…

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21 thoughts on “Jariel’s Peak – Infanta, Quezon

  1. I love the area! I’d love to retire in a similar area.

    Food is fresh and damn good! Climate is great – there is truth to the claim it can get colder than in Baguio! Was there in Feb with friends; it was almost mid day and you can still see your breath (I definitely don’t remember ever experiencing such mid day cold in Baguio, even during amihan periods)!

    I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something truly relaxing! 🙂

  2. Last Dec.9 galing real going back to Manila and Laguna
    Marifanta ang aming way sobrang ganda ng lugar there are some thrills when you touring your motorcycle…and yun nga narating ko ang pinagmamalaki ng infanta….ang Jarielspeak…Its more fun in the philippines talaga…
    thumbs up

  3. Thanks for the write up.

    We decided to go there after viewing the photos and reading your article because it was very interesting and helpful.

    More power to you!

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