Feature: The 1247 km Manila to Panay roadtrip on a 100 cc

After only 1500 kms worth of experience riding a motorbike, I have decided to go to my favorite getaway place, Panay Island…ALONE, on my 100cc Honda Wave.

I’ve been there a lot of times in the past, but always going there by plane.

Now that I finally got my 2 week leave approved, and have gathered enough info and courage, I wanted to try this.

A lot of firsts for me. First time travelling more than 200 kms, first time on a barge, ever.

I knew this wasn’t an ordinary weekend “ride” just going to Laguna or Tagaytay.

Knowing this trip would cost more than going there by plane, this was purely for the experience and achievement of making it back and forth.

Left Paranaque on a Sunday at 7 am.


Full tank at Shell Sucat West Service Road. Odo at 1745.

Planned route was Tagaytay – Lemery – Batangas Port.

Stopover at Tagaytay after about 45 minutes.

Rested for about 10 minutes and off I went. The directions I got here from MCP was just to go straight towards the Batangas border and make a left sa gas station going to Lemery…but I missed it! probably were enjoying the view and all that. The missed turn cost me about an hour and I ended up at Palico crossing going to either Nasugbu or Calatagan. What an ass!

Had to ask directions from the friendly local folks who helped me naman.

The longer route now led me to crossing the towns of Tuy, Balayan, Calaca then Lemery.

After about 130 kms of driving… I really had to rest, was exhausted already… knowing that this was only about 20% of my total motorbike trip (one-way).

Rested at the Petron gas station in the Lemery boundary, and topped up my gas tank as well. Odo at 1870.

Ate hotdogs and had gatorade. After 20 mins, I left the gas station then had to go through Sta. Teresita, Bauan (short stop over. Odo at 1892) , San Pascual, then finally the Batangas Port. I was so happy to finally arrive there.

Upon arriving, I either had to make a left turn or a right. I went left, then got surprised there were no barges… yun pala I needed to make a left turn.

Had my motorbike checked by the guards/policeman for the OR/CR. After the inspection, took the Montenegro Lines barge since they’ll be the first one to leave. I was so exhausted by this time.

Paid the arraste fee and the barge ticket. Paid no more than 730 pesos for that. (Odo 1905)

Finally my first Ro-Ro ride.

My stuff and my gears…so glad to finally take them off!

a shot of what’s inside the Roro barge. Lifevests and the Snack counter.

Checked the ground floor (?) and I can’t find my bike… yun pala they moved it para daw matalian para hindi sya matumba kasi nagcenter stand lang ako.

Arrived in Calapan after 2 hours. Had to gas up coz I knew it was gonna be 130 kms more of road road road and road.

This is the first Petron in the looooonnng Nautical Highway in Mindoro. It was almost 3 pm. I was hoping to make it to Roxas Port with the sun still up, due to all the NPA stories I’ve been reading in the online forums.

Had to inflate the tires.

It was one hell of a loooong Highway. Fortunately, road signs were abundant and you will never get lost.

There were a lot of military checkpoints due to the NPA presence in the area.

Here’s a shot.

There was a 1 km stretch in the mountains wherein there was a road repair. Waiting for our turn to move.

After 95 kms, I needed to stop over and rest. This was the Bansud, Mindoro town Plaza I guess, where in there were a lot of people and kids playing. Odo at exactly 2000 kms.


Kinda lost my way coz about 10 kms from the port there was a Y intersection, and I turned right… and that led me to a road full of rocks and rocks. Kala ko mapapano na ako kasi ang dilim dilim na. Buti nalang may nakita akong mga tao sa bahay bahay at nakapagtanong ako, yun pala I should have turned left (it wasn’t really going straight). Had to ask for directions from several people but finally I was able to reach the Roxas port at around 7 pm! Haaay kapoy!

Too bad the last barge left at 6:30 so I had to wait several hours for the next one that was bound to leave at 1030. This would be starlight.

Hayyy salamat. (Odo at 2053)

I’ve been travelling for 12 hours straight now, and more than 300 kms already. Will finally be able to get a couple of hours of sleep.

I reached Caticlan at about 4 am, sobrang dilim pa, but I had no choice but to leave right away as I wanted to reach Iloilo City by lunch time.

Was still sleepy. Nakakatakot ulit yung byahe coz sobrang dilim and ako lang yung sasakyan sa kalsada, except for a couple of buses that passed me. If you’ve been to Boracay via Kalibo, this is the road that you take with the breathtaking view of the sea… yun nga lang the road I was taking was pitch black by this time, and pataas pa ng bundok and madaming twisties.

After around 25 kilometers, had to have breakfast. Walang bukas na kahit ano, buti nalang there were a couple of stores open sa crossing (very near the border of Aklan and Antique). Had coffee and Instant Mami.

Medyo umaaraw na.

Passed by the towns of Pandan and Sebaste, Antique.

Had a stop over at Flying V in Culasi Antique. Odo at 2116.

Rested for 30 minutes… very tired but very pleased that I’m in Panay and all I had to do was travel around 300 kms more! hehe.

See the old bus that still ply the National Highway.

Magsasakas using the National Highway!!!

Background was another mountain I have just conquered by motorbike.

Beautiful Antique indeed!


Went through the towns of Tibiao, Barbaza, Laua-an, Bugasong. Had a quick stopover in Bugasong (Odo at 2172)

Then Patnongon…

Here’s another stop over.

Then Belison and finally San Jose.

Had a stop over for gas, and brunch… had 2 meals at Ted’s La Paz Batchoy.

There was also a Jollibee here. The first Jollibee I’ve seen in almost 500 kms. Now that’s a WOW! Odo at 2214

Off I go to cross the mountain that divides Antique from Iloilo. There were a whole lot of stretches of unpaved roads in the mountain, which would really test your tires.

Reached Miag-ao (Odo 2262) at around 9 am.

Miagao stopover!

Finally Reached the city at around 1 pm! so Tired.

Had to rest a little bit at Fine Rock Hotel.

My first stop… Lunch at Jo’s Chicken Inato…

and dessert at JD’s Bakeshop (Roadhouse).


I reached Iloilo City after 570 kilometers, and 30 hours. (Odo 2315)

Pagod… but I’m sure I’ll enjoy this vacation… (is it?)…

Here are some Random pics.

Iloilo City Atrium

Food at my favorite Emilion.

The Ateneo

Plaza Libertad

Molo Church


MO2 in Smallville

JJV Coffee Shop in Delgado

The massive UNESCO World Heritage Site – Miagao church


Rascos Woodland in Guimbal Iloilo

JD’s Again

Uncle Tom’s Diversion Road

My baby needed a break… kelangan na talaga ipalinis.

Btw, on my 3rd day in Iloilo I had an Oil Change in a Honda Service Center… and free labor daw since Honda yung motorcycle! wow!


I really enjoyed crusing Iloilo with a motorbike instead of getting a taxi or riding a jeep.

Now the long road home begins.

Anyway, Left Iloilo City at 3:30 PM, Odo at 2494. hoping to cross the mountain with the sun still up.

The problem is, Signal No. 1 was declared sa Western Visayas, although sa bandang Antique. Shempre umuulan na rin sa Iloilo. I don’t know what caught up with me but I decided to brave the storm! Strange! What was I thinking.

Had a stop over at Chowking San Jose, Antique starting at 7 pm (Sobrang lakas na ng ulan)… stayed there for about an hour until I found out they were closing…yes that early!

I had no choice but to just go ahead and go to Caticlan since it was only 3 hours away.

E ang kaso umuulan and ang dulas dulas ng kalye.

I was the only one on the road… as in nakakabaliw talaga… Imagine in an old National Highway without any lampposts, with ricefields on your right, and the sea on your left, coupled with the strong winds and heavy downpour caused by the storm… you tend to see things in that situation.

Had low visibility, with all the water sliding down my visor.

Last vehicle I saw was about an hour ago when I reached Patnongon. I was running barely 30 kph. Stopped over at the town in Patnongon, at around 10 or 1030 pm maybe, and not one single establishment was open!

Was trying to call my friend (yung kasama ko sa Iloilo, went back to Manila by plane already) if I could stay at their house in Patnongon, Antique to spend the night… but my network had no signal. Lesson learned, never bring Sun Cellular to the province.

Just went on with my trip, and finally I saw some light and may nagiisang bukas na tindahan at nakisilong ako. Sadyang mababait yung mga tao sa Antique and they helped me and even offered some food for me. Nakitext pa ako sa Touch Mobile phone nila.

To cut the long story short, I was able to get a few hours of sleep at their house, spent the night there and resumed at 5:00 AM *whew*

Here’s a pic of the road going back to the National Highway from Tigmanali, Patnongon, Antique (they live near the mountain) after the heavy storm.

Start of the long journey again, thank God for the good weather this time. Odo at 2627.


From then on, everything was smooth sailing.

Yes the picture on top is part of the National Highway.

River flowing from the mountains.


See how close the National Highway is to the sea shore.

Some twisties in Antique.

Goodbye Panay.

Reached Caticlan in time for the 10:00 trip which left at almost 11:00 (Odo at 2897)

Roxas after 4 hours. Had a late lunch in one Carinderia 8 kms from the port.

Calapan after 6 more. (Odo at 2897)

Did not at all look for food, proceeded all the way to Sto. Tomas Batangas (fastest route I think) and ate at Chowking. Rested for about 45 minutes, running out of cash, had about 300 pesos left by this time.

After 1 hour more (took the Calamba route) … finally reached Paranaque at about 1 am. (Odo at 2298)

Tired as hell but contented with my roadtrip, even though my mother scolded me for obvious reasons, I know this is an achievement and I am so happy I made it back home in one piece!



2008 All stock Honda Wave 100 cc
Paranaque to Iloilo to Paranaque
Odo Start: 1745 km
Odo End: 2998 km
Total kilometers: 1247
Total gas consumed: 27.71 liters
Efficiency: 45 km/l
Cruising Speed – 70 – 80 kph – I kinda felt like hirap yung makina sa 80 baka mas matipid sa gas pag 110 or 125 cc yung motor.

Cost of the trip


Batangas to Calapan – 670 + 60 pesos (est) arraste – 730
Roxas to Caticlan – 1200 + 60 pesos arraste – 1260



+ 27.71 l x 43 pesos = 1191 pesos.

Total of – 5171 pesos (exclusive of accomodation sa hotel, food, pasalubong, etc)

Traveling by Plane is definitely a whole lot cheaper, but I had more fun doing this one and this is a life achievement.

Live free…

Live Free…

– Erik Gatmaitan is the author of http://www.pinoyrider.com – Journeying the Philippines SOLO on a motorbike.

Follow his adventures on his website or through his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/PinoyRider

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  1. Im wondering if you have the youtube version or video version of what you are posting, sir. I’m a visual learner. hehehehehehe..

  2. Your blog is very helpful to me. I’m planning to hit the road to Manila from Dipolog- Cebu. It’s a very long way. I have my little motorcycle. You had three choices there. Now I’m making up my mind which way I should take. Thank you very much. All the details are there and the prices. Very great!

  3. Sir I need your help, I’m planning to ride this December 19, 2018 from Pasig to Bacolod Via Mindoro, I read many stories saying that Roxas port is the travel breaker due to minimal roro trips to caticlan, I would like to knowthe best time to leave Pasig and my target date to be in bacolod is Dec 20th. Thank you so much! You rock!

  4. hello sir ang galing mo at ang lakas ng loob mo mag travel magisa…kainggit. baka meron sa inyong may balak na magbiahe ng tulad nito. sabihan ninyo ako at baka sakali makasama ako…09568740143 bert tuason

  5. Thanks for this post. It’s really inspiring! i like the fact that you went on a 100 cc bike which is basic and become the adventure itself. Your courage inspires people to come out of theit shell! me included. If i ever make this trip that i’m planning, you will be the first after God, that i will thank! More power!

  6. Hello Pinoy Rider. I grew up in Iloilo and has now settled in Malolos, Bulacan with my family. I am planning on getting a motorcycle for recreational purpose and while researching, I came across your blog, especially this unbelievable trip to Panay and back- all on a 100cc Honda Wave! I have bookmarked this page since I might do something as crazy as you did and take a solo trip to my birthplace in Iloilo. I realize from your other posts that you have bigger bikes now, but what you did, in your 100cc Honda wave was nothing short of pure guts and courage.

    God bless and more power to you!

  7. I’ve read your stories and its really good,you inspire me and you did great,great experiences is the best achievement.godspeed!

  8. Never get tired of reading this article, the passion, the courage and the curiosity. i always dreamed of doing this, this is an inspiration to all who wanted to live free and break boundaries, hagang ngayon napapasaludo pa din ako sayo brother.

  9. Wow truly amazing ser… I can hardly imagine how exhausted you are on that journey..maybe next time you consider having a companion on your long trip… but nevertheless an achievement. IDOL

  10. You are an inspiration to all fellow riders out there. May The Force Be With You Always. We Salute You. Good Job! 🙂

  11. I can relate here, i used to travel a lot but not on bikes.. I already drove the whole stretch of Luzon, passing by Metro Manila via EDSA with my record of 30 minutes (I’m trying to get out of Manila as fast as I could, terrible traffic here so I make sure I arrive at wee hours), and i truly understand what you’ve been going thru (pitch black roads, no guides, rainy trips, alone, etc). What’s amazing here is you still have time to capture photos! I can imagine how tiresome it is for you. Awesome!

    I’m planning to take another trip but on a scooter, Kymco Like 125. I wonder how you were able to go along with series of checkpoints given your bike was still in “For Registration” (not specific on your Iloilo trip, but on the other journeys you had). Mine is bnew and OR/CR is yet to come (2 to 3 months as per dealer).

    More power! ^_^

  12. Simply amazing!I envy you a lot…Sobrang naiingit ako sa yo sir!I own a honda bravo and gusto ko din maranasan ang ganyang ride.Akala ko hindi kakayanin ng rider at ng underbone ang ganyang byahe,pero because of you napatunayan na din na kayang-kaya pala!Ipapa-kundisyon ko ang bike ko para maranasan ko din ang ganyang byahe,pero with my wife and friends para mas masaya!May God be with you and your family!

  13. ang galing! meron po akong wave alpha 2005, gusto ko rin po sana mag long ride (from Leyte to Davao) pero medyo di pa kaya sa schedule. all stock po ang mc ko except sa wheels 60/80 ang front at 70/80 ang likod, ask ko lang po if kailangan ko paba ipalit ang wheels sa original sizes nila o wag nalang?

    • mas maganda po yung stock size ng gulong since yun ang optimized para sa motor niyo. pwede niyo rin po lakihan ng konti pero hanggang 10mm lang para kasya pa rin sa rims/mags. Ingat po sa biyahe!

  14. sir pede po ba makuha yun mga bayan na dadaanan from km0 to batangas port, at kun ilan km po ang layo. gusto ko lang po punta batangas city using my mt.bike para malaman ko po kun kakayanin ko yun byahe.. thanks

  15. nice ride… i also went there but until barbaza antique only… nice road in panay but there are but several roads needed to be fixed in mindoro… im also on my solo ride using a yamaha mio sporty… needed more liters to reach panay than the wave 100… hope to read your next adventure… also planning to tour the north by december… very informative blog… take care on your next ride…

  16. thanks for creating this website, its content not only inspiring but encouraging as well. I envy your courage and the information you shared makes me growl like a small tiger. More power to you

  17. the best ka talaga sir! sana magawa ko rin yan soon…pauwi sa hometown ko sa bacolod from manila on my 2 wheels! keep it up..ride safe brother!

  18. Amazing Ride! This is beyond the standards. I love the courage, faith and the sense of adventure – a thing that can not be experienced when traveling via plane. I am crossing my fingers, I want tol follow those trails you’ve just taken. Keep it up and keep riding! God Bless! 🙂

  19. Isa tong inspiration, bata pa lang ako gustong gusto ko na mag motor, may paniniwala ako na “only a rider can know, why dogs stick theier head out in the window”

    im having goosbumps reading this thread natutuwa ako malaman na this kind of adventure doable. breaking the boundaries for our motorcycles, crossing waters, engulfing mountains and showing everybody the else what a 4 wheel vehicle can do is a piece of cake to 2 wheel babies.

    isa kang alamat sir, salamat sa website mo malaking tulong to para magawa ko ang isang bagay na talagang gusto ko, mag libot sa buong pilipinas kasama ang motor ko.

  20. this page deserves a thousand… no. A MILLION REPLIES. grrrr… nangigigil ako sa ingit, sa bilib at excitement na maranasan ko rin yan. planning to have my first solo ride kapg nkapgrenew n ko ng student permit this oct. eto yun. This is what I was born for… SALAMAT SA INSPIRASYON!!!!

    • salamat sir, yung mga comments na ganyan ang nagpapagana sa akin bumiyahe katulad ng pagbiyahe ko. Ingat po sa first ride niyo. Hope to see you on the road soon. Live free…

  21. Hi! Belle told me about your blog and I found myself engrossed reading your entries. See, both sides of my rents are from Panay, my mom’s side from Caticlan and Janiuay, Iloilo and my dad’s side from Sibalom, Antique. The pictures you have in this entry are all very familiar esp the bridge (in Pangpang) after Patnongon since my dad’s parents live near that area. Anyway, I did the same thing only in my case I drove my truck and it was crazy because I left Paranaque for the 11PM trip to Mindoro so I was driving the 100km stretch at around 2AM, I just had to stick with all the other buses so I don’t get lost but those bastards drive like mad men. At one point I did not stop at a check point thinking they could be NPAs cuz they didn’t have lights and all, buti ndi ako hinabol or something. This is a great feat! ‘grats! and I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time for you just reading how passionate you are… All the best!

  22. astig ka talaga TPH, twice na kong nakapunta nang Panay island, Capiz at Ilo-Ilo pinapasyalan ko dyan, nakaka elibs talaga yang trip mo na yan sa Panay, sana minsan, makasama ko dyan pag bumalik ka sa isla ng Panay =)

  23. This was an amazing roadtrip. Not everyone has the courage and the heart to do something like this. Keep the passion burning. God will surely guide and protect you in all your future rides. Always be safe. :)))

  24. Sir, I admire your courage and really love to guide you if I know… at least you have someone to talk to ask some info about Panay I lived here in Iloilo too together with Carlo Dick Eala Eyao.. Great achievements really, all I can say is WOWWWWW….!
    nice site and nice content… congrats for a great vacation…. 🙂

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